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NAHA National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 5.0

Best Choice for Learning Aromatherapy

label_important Target:1.Acknowledge 30 essential oils. 2.Primary aromatherapy knowledge. 3.Massage techniques

schedule  Hours:50 hours in total

bookmark  Type:Certificate Course

location_on  Alternative Model:1.In-person 2.Online

Enroll Fees:NT$2,500 / USD$70

Final Payment: Full Fees - Enroll Fees (Pay the balance before first day of the class.)



Who should Get to Know NAHA?

  • Tailored for Beginners
  • Beginners who are fond of essential oils but know little of aromatherapy
  • Home loving People
  • Pamper the family and help them stay healthy with the use of essential oils
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Carve out new careers of aromatherapy
  • Health Care and Medical Aesthetic Professionals
  • Elevate competence to a new altitude with the aid of aromatherapy

Why Should You Choose NAHA?

  • Building up essential oils understanding
  • Systematic learning approach of aromatherapy
  • Learning safe and accurate use of essential oils
  • Hands-on learning of aromatherapy practice

What Will You Gain from NAHA Programs?

  • How to buy and store your essential oils.
  • Understand how different essential oils can be applied, and basic essential oils blending formulas.
  • Have basic oil adjustment thinking logic.
  • The ability to practically apply knowledge and skills of aromatherapy


  • NAHA Approved
  • Established Professional
  • Over a 1000 Aromatherapists / Year
  • Experience over 20 years
Curriculum includes (7 classes, 50 hours in total)
Lesson 1 • Introduction to Aromatherapy History
• Case Study Notes and Examples
• Monoterpenes in Essential Oils
Lesson 2 • Essential Oils Extraction Approach
• How to Choose High Quality Essential Oils
• Sesquiterpenes in Essential Oils
• Oxide Molecular in Essential Oils
Lesson 3 • The Science of Aromatherapy
• Ester Molecular in Essential Oils
Lesson 4 • Ethanol in Essential Oils
• Aldehydes in Essential Oils
• Phenols in Essential Oils
• Ethers in Essential Oils
Lesson 5 • Learn How Make Your Own Essential Oil Blends
• Therapeutic Massage:Foundation and Practice
• Application Methods In Aromatherapy
• Ketones in Essential Oils
• Sesquiterpene Ketone in Essential Oils
Lesson 6 • Mock Assessment Test
• Pharmacokinetics
• Balancing the Mind and Body with Essential Oils
• Systematic review on Essential oils
Lesson 7 • Final Assessment Test
• Case Studies
• Formulating Essential Oil Blends

Course Materials


In-person Course Materials

Textbook x1, Case x5, Daily Ritual Essential Oil (5mL) x12


Online Course Materials

Textbookx1, Casex5, Daily Ritual Essential Oil (5mL) x12、Essential Oils Trail Kit (2mL) x44

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Original Price:TWD$10,000(USD$350)

• Daily Ritual Essential Oils Set (12 x 5mL)

Liza Shen-a renown leader in aromatherapy field, along with a dream team of top-notch lecturers from various specialization fields, proudly presents a series of well-planned programs.

Sweet Orange Lemon Tea Tree
Scotch pine Cistus Petitgrain
Geranium bourbon Niaouli Clove bud
Lavender Sweet marjoram Rosemary

• Essential Oils Trail Kit (44x2mL) (Manually filled, with a margin of ±0.5mL.)

• Carrier Oil (1x30mL)

Course Review

In-person Course Review

Online Course Review

What is NAHA Certificate?


NAHA Authorized Academy

  • The National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA) was founded in the United States in the 1990s.
  • Inheriting the teachings and spirit of LSA, and aromatherapy school in London, UK, founded by Patricia Davis, and aromatherapy master, NAHA actively initiates and takes part in cultivation of aromatherapy professionals and devotes to raise public awareness and understanding of real aromatherapy.
  • Through our professional and proper arrangement of lectures, spa practitioners, beauty therapists, and those who acknowledge naturopathy will acquire aromatherapy knowledge and techniques, and have the most direct access to the most detailed learning path and thereby bolster their competitiveness.
  • Applicants for NAHA membership should be rigorously trained and evaluated by USA or overseas authentication centers and be granted with program certificates issued by such organizations before applying for official membership based on individual needs.
愛裡時NAHA LEVEL1通過證明書

Completion of ALIZ Level 1 Certificate

This diploma will be granted after completion of officially regulated program hours and evaluation satisfaction by official overseas authentication centers.


Official Membership Certificate, Level 1

Those who have passed evaluation satisfaction by official overseas authentication centers, may apply for NAHA membership with the diploma. Application could be filed either by themselves or by ALIZ Aroma Academy (additional cost might apply based on latest official update)

Instructors|The godmother of aromatherapy-Liza Shen, along with a dream team of top-notch lectures from various specialization fields, proudly presents a series of well-planned programs.

Teaching Assistant(s)|Teaching Assistant Team-Timely Support and Assistance.

Effective Learning & Academic Approach

  • Western Aromatherapy & Traditional Chinese MedicineLearning aromatherapy from oriental perspectives through solar terms, meridians, and constitutions facilitates more effective acquisition.
  • Extensive Clinical Practice, ResearchProfound clinical experiences accumulated over years serve as a fountain of on point suggestions to the aromatherapy academy.
  • Quality GuaranteeAll the ingredients of the essential oils used in our lectures selected by our founder while visiting places of origins around the world to ensure absolute quality.
  • Development ExperienceOur essential oils are of high credibility with GMP and Ecocert Certification, and numerous other cosmetic certifications.
  • Brand Management StrategyWe specialize in multiple-brand management and operation, including ingredient supply, aromatherapy academy, and essential oil skin care products.

Classic Publications of Our Academy


The 24 Solar Terms- Encyclopedia of Self-healing Trough Meridian Aromatherapy

Liza Shen

It is through understanding the pattern of the nature that we discover our ancestors' wisdom of regimen in conformity with the law of nature and that the combination of essential oils, acupoint massage, and proper work rest cycle enables our bodies to heal it selves.


Right Fragrance for Every Space

Philipp Chen

Creating new esthetics of fragrance for spaces through choosing right scents, gadgets, tools, and spots for plant essential oils to match home environments and forge right atmospheres. Mastering the art of using various scents and tools of fragrance for different spaces spices up your life and make everyday a special occasion.


The Complete Book of Building Fragrance Brands

Gary Chen

In the post-pandemic era, numerous industries have been in slumps while the demands for healing fragrance, essential oils, and aromatherapy are contrastingly growing. be sure to grasp the opportunity to get into the market and seize the chance to start up a business. Probe into the keys to build a successful fragrance brand.

In-person Courses



  • 上課日期: 6/16、6/23、6/30、7/7、7/14、7/21、7/28(共7堂課)
  • 上課時間: 09:30~17:30
  • 上課地點: ALIZ愛裡時芳療學院台北教室
  • 地      址: 台北市中山區北安路608巷4弄2號B1
  • 早鳥期限: 2024/05/01(三)
  • 報名截止: 2024/05/29(三)



  • 上課日期: 7/6、7/13、7/20、7/27、8/3、8/10、8/24(共7堂課)
  • 上課時間: 09:30~17:30
  • 上課地點:鄰近高雄捷運美麗島站或信義國小站
  • 地      址: 鄰近高雄捷運美麗島站或信義國小站
  • 早鳥期限: 2024/05/22(三)
  • 報名截止: 2024/06/19(三)



  • 上課日期: 7/13、7/27、8/17、8/31、9/7、9/21、9/28(共7堂課)
  • 上課時間: 09:30~17:30
  • 上課地點: ALIZ愛裡時芳療學院台北教室
  • 地      址: 台北市中山區北安路608巷4弄2號B1
  • 早鳥期限: 2024/06/12(三)
  • 報名截止: 2024/07/03(三)



  • 上課日期:7/30、8/6、8/13、8/20、8/27、9/3、9/10(共7堂課)
  • 上課時間:9:30~17:30
  • 上課地點:ALIZ愛裡時芳療學院
  • 地      址:台中市西區忠明南路42號五樓
  • 早鳥期限:2024/06/26(三)
  • 報名截止:2024/07/10(三)



  • 上課日期: 2024/8/16、8/23、8/30、9/6、9/20、9/27、10/4(共7堂課)
  • 上課時間: 09:30~17:30
  • 上課地點: ALIZ愛裡時芳療學院台北教室
  • 地      址: 台北市中山區北安路608巷4弄2號B1
  • 早鳥期限: 2024/07/10(三)
  • 報名截止: 2024/07/31(三)



  • 上課日期: 6/15、6/22、6/29、7/6、7/13、7/20、7/27(共7堂課)
  • 上課時間: 09:30~17:30
  • 上課地點: 自強工業基金會
  • 地      址: 清華大學第四綜合大樓(清華大學東側門警衛室正後方即為自強基金會大門入口/清大郵局左側)
  • 點擊前往自強基金會課程網頁報名

Online Courses



  • 上課日期: 2024/7/18、7/25、8/1、8/15、8/22、8/29、9/5(共7堂課)
  • 上課時間: 9:30~17:30
  • 上課地點: Zoom 會議室
  • 早鳥期限: 2024/6/19(三)
  • 報名截止: 2024/7/3(三)



  • 上課日期: 2024/8/11、8/18、8/25、9/1、9/8、9/22、9/29(共7堂課)
  • 上課時間: 9:30~17:30
  • 上課地點: Zoom 會議室
  • 早鳥期限: 2024/7/10(三)
  • 報名截止: 2024/7/31(三)

Course Fee(Enroll Fees TWD$2500 is included)
PLAN In-person / Online Online(abroad)
Early Bird Package TWD$20,500 USD$825
Bring a Friend Promo TWD$18,500 USD$750
Course Fee TWD$22,500 USD$925


  1. 2 people Please register separately and write down class date and partner’s name in the “Remarks for shop” section. For example: 4/13 Taipei Saturday Class + Lily.
  2. Confirm After paying the enroll fees TWD2500, you will receive a notification email which includes 2 details: (1). Order confirm (2).Enroll Succeeded If you haven’t got the email, please contact ALIZ LINE: @aliztw
  3. Final Payment The final payment information will be notified via email 1-3 weeks before the first class of the course. The final payment amount =Total Fees - Enroll Fee.
  4. Other  If you are unable to join the class under personal circumstances, the enroll fee will not be returned.

Expense Items Fee

  • Course Handouts Fee
  • Course Materials Fee
  • NAHA Assessment Test Fee
  1. Delivery in Taiwan According to post office rules. (Excluding outlying islands)
  2. .International Shipping Fees will be different  Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Macao.
  3. Handling Fees will be different Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Macao.

Registration Process

First Stage

Pay the Enroll Fees → Order Confirm → Enroll Succeeded → Waiting for Class email

Second Stage (1-3 weeks before the first day of the course)

Receiving Class emails → Pay the final payment → Join LINE group → Ready for class


  1. For students who live in Taiwan outlying islands, please provide your location in advance and we will make sure if it is possible to deliver the course materials.
  2. Student who live in Taiwan outlying islands and overseas, please select "Taiwan" as the delivery location and mark your specific location (e.g., Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia, etc.) in the remarks section when placing an order.
  3. Notifications E-mail will be sent:
    (1)1 week before the first date of the class for the students in Taiwan main island.
    (2)2 weeks before the first date of the class for the students who live in Taiwan outlying islands and overseas. More learning details include the class notes and the final payment will be revealed in the notification email, if you haven’t received the e-mail, please contact us.
  4. For in-person courses affected by natural disasters and the local government declares no work or classes, the course will be canceled. The lessons will be postponed. ALIZ academy reserves the right to make changes.
  5. In respect for the intellectual property rights of the instructors, course handouts in paper or electronic form will not be provided. Please do not record, live broadcasting, or engage in any activities that infringe upon intellectual property rights.
  6. Courses cannot be purchased with other products. The order will be canceled.
  7. For any course-related inquiries, feel free to email us at 📨 academy@aliz.com.tw or call us ☎️ 04-23106863.


Q:What language will the course be taught in?

A:The courses will be taught mainly in Mandarin. Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese, these 2 language textbooks will be involved.

Is the course live-streaming or pre-recorded?

A:course will be live-streaming in “ZOOM”, which allows students to ask questions timely, and our instructors will clarify any questions or concerns immediately. it is required to switch on camera during Lesson 6 and 7 for the mock test and final assessment test. Exams will be taken online and need to submit 5 assignments. During learning period, instructors will assist students to complete the assignment.

Q:Will there be any differences in learning between online and in-person classes?

A:Generally, the main concern with online classes is the essential oil experience. However, at ALIZ Academy, we considerately provide 44 smelling bottles + 1 bottle of carrier oil for students, ensuring everyone can smoothly experience essential oils at home.

Q:What should I do if I need to be absent during the course?

A: If you need to take leave during the course, you must apply in advance. Please complete the leave process 3 days before the class. Failure to do so will be considered an absence. If you have any special reasons, please contact us. Considering the learning effect, absences should not exceed 3 lessons, it may result in the loss of qualification for certification exams.

Q:Can I have make-up session if I take leave?

A:We thoughtfully provide pre-recording videos(not the recordings of the actual class). These videos are accessible for 1 week. Students can watch the video anytime to catch up before the following week's progress.

Q:Do I need to purchase my own essential oils for the class?

A:ALIZ Academy will provide most of the essential oil samples needed for the class to ensure a seamless online learning experience. Students will need to prepare the essential oils separately used for case studies.

Q:What if I faile the exam?

A:Cheer up! The NAHA Basic Exam isn't as challenging as you thought. Just learn diligently, take notes of the key points, and study after classes. You'll definitely pass! The academy's pass rate is 99%.

Q:Can I pay the tuition in credit card installment plan?

A:The final payment can be paid via bank transfer or credit card with a maximum of 2 installments.

Q:How do I know if I have enrolled successfully?

A:The enrollment will be completed after the deposit has been made. You will receive a reminder email for final payment from ALIZ before the course start date.

Q:When shall I expect to receive the course materials?

(1) In-person courses: students will receive the course materials on the first date of the class.
(2) Online courses:
A. Students live in Taiwan main island will receive course materials 1 week before the first date of the class.
B. Students live in Taiwan outlying islands and overseas will receive the materials 2 weeks before the first date of the class.

NAHA Aromatherapy Course

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